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Along the way to the glacier, we will have a good view of the glacier lagoon and the area around the glacier. When we are at the starting point,  we start with a safety briefing and a short lesson how to use the crampons and the ice pick on the glacier walk.

The glacial landscape is amazing and dynamic, including crevices, sinkholes and small black volcanic sandhills. Sometimes it’s possible to take a look at the small holes or enter the caves.

In winter the ice is blue and clear,  the surface mostly covered by snow. During the summertime, the ice becomes more white and the volcanic ash which forms various patterns in the landscape is more visible. 

As previously mentioned the glacial landscape changes day by day which makes it even more interesting to see and explore.  With the glacier melting very rapidly in recent years the landscape has become more exciting. 

Sólheimajökull glacier is the ideal place to view geomorphology in formation and the effects of global warming on glaciers.

Duration:  2 - 2,5  hours. Approximately 1 to 1,5 hour on the glacier.

Glacier Walk tour video

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