The Glaciers are Melting

Sólheimajökull retreated by 973 meters in the years 2000-2015.  With the much warmer climate and continued melting the glacier will have totally disappeared within  decades.  The effects of global warming is very visual at Sólheimajökull. Where ice existed before  at the glacier tongue, there  is now a large glacier lagoon. Few years ago, tourists going on a glacier hike had to walk just a few meters from the Arcanum Base to start the tour. Today it takes about 15-20  minutes to do the same walk. 

It’s predicted that  every glacier on the planet will disappear within 2-300 years. If this happens, the sea level will rise by almost 70 meters, it’s hard to imagine the natural disasters which will follow it this comes true.  Comparing sizes, the Empire State building is 381 meters high.

Recently an iceberg, four times the size of Manhattan broke off the ice in Antarctica.  When the grounded glaciers melt, sea levels around the world rise.

Same goes for the Greenland glacier  a  late summer surface melt decreased the glacier of  about  15% of the ice sheet surface (263,000 square kilometers)

Fortunately the temperature dropped below zero stopping the melting.    

 There is an ongoing debate about how much global warming is mans fault,  but we can all agree that populations  leave a huge carbon print.  Carbon emission, rain forests disappearing, forrest fires and  hurricanes, every year getting more and more  fierce.

 When the glaciers retreat, they get thinner and  the land rises. When the land rises the pressure of the ice on volcanoes is released and frequent volcanic eruptions may be expected in the future.  The south coast of Iceland is rising fast, the largest glaciers Vatnajökull, and Mýrdalsjökull  are in south-Iceland.

 Arcanum Glacier Tours takes tourists on Sólheimajökull for the  glacier walk tours and upon Mýrdalsjökull for snowmobile tours.