Iceland, quirky and cool.


“There are many wonders in a cows head!” This is how an old, very popular phrase, looks in english when  the original meaning has been lost in translation.  Icelanders have a very good sense of humour and they like  to translate the difficult, good old mother tongue word by word into English and then make a joke of the outcome.  At Leifur Eiriksson Airport  you can see posters hanging in the terminal, showing  translated icelandic phrases and the tourists are having a good laugh.

The Icelanders honour old tradition and also encourage new experiences that have been established, things  you can only do in Iceland,  or so we think at least. 

 Here we have a few quirky things to consider on you visit. 

 On the volcanic Island you can test out your culinary skills by cooking eggs in a geothermal spring.  A popular black bread, named Thrumari is also cooked in a hot mud spring.


 Burn money.  On New Years Eve Icelanders get outlet  for their fire crack madness,  when firecrackers worth millions of icelandic kronur are shot up in the air.

 Enjoy the 24 hour daylight in Mid-Summer and roll naked  in the dew!

The Phallological Museum the only in the world is placed in Iceland,  where else - Donations are welcome!

Cross the Lucky Leif Ericsson bridge between the continents on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Take a mud  food-bath in Hveragerði’s Geothermal Park,  in  South Iceland.

Hike a glacier with Arcanum Glacier Tours also in South Iceland.

Seek some elves. We believe the Hidden people live in  selected rocks.  Hafnarfjörður likes to be considered “the elf town”.

Get married on top of  Mýrdalsjökull, Langjökull or Snæfellsjökull,  or maybe  in the Blue Lagoon.

Get over your shyness and bathe without a swimsuit. This is  necessary in order to keep our numerous pools sanitized.

Celebrate Þorri, the Mid-winter event when Icelanders feast on pickled rams testicles, sheep heads, rotten shark and more delicacies, accompanied by a glass of Black Death, Brennivin. 

View the Aurora Borealis, they look like a lazer show when they appear. 

Find the Viking inside you at a downtown bar in Reykjavik and bars around the country.

 Get hot in a thermal pool -  or cold on a glacier tour

 Get blown away in windy  little Iceland.

 Empty your mind out in the breathtaking landscape

 Play mud ball in Isafjörður West Iceland.

 The Yuletide Lads.   The Icelandic lads are thirteen.  They are said to start "coming to town" 13 nights before Christmas. The first one, Sheep-Cote Clod, arrives on December 13th and the last one,  Candle Stealer on December 24th


Enjoy Iceland.