Vík í Mýrdal – the beautiful village by the South-Coast

After you have enjoyed a glacier tour with  Arcanum Glacier Tours, there is ample time to explore more of South Iceland, so let’s head east.  Vík í Mýrdal village is located less than 30 minutes drive  east of   Arcanum’s base. 

Vík  is a seafront village, Iceland’s southernmost  - sitting in the shadow of Mýrdasjökull glacier. The drive into the village is very panoramic, the open Atlantic Ocean, The Víkurfjara beach with it’s strong waves and black sand.  Víkurkirkja church to the left.  Reynisdrangar rock formations and Reynisfjall mountain, the home of puffins and other seabirds to the right. 

This place is perfect for nature lovers.  From the village, it takes just a few minutes to walk down to the beach to take  a refreshing walk.  

The mountains are a birdwatchers paradise.  A walk up Reynisfjall mountain is rewarding, the Reynisdrangar pillars, Dyrholaey island, the Reynisfjara beach, considered to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world  and Sólheimajökull glacier can all be viewed on the way up to the top.

When you become hungry you will find something fitting for every budget,  a bowl of soup at the Soup Company, or a meal in one of the restaurants in the village.  The visitors center at Brydebud is worth a visit. 

For sightseeing,   the German memorial at Víkurfjara beach.  Also on the beach,  The Journey, a sculpture which has it’s identical placed in Hull, England.  The two statues face each other paying an homage to both Icelandic and English seafarers who have lost their lives at sea throughout the years. 

The Wool Gallery is worth a pop-in.

Walking the Viking Trail is another activity for those interested in the age of the settlement.

If you want to spend a night or two in Vik you will find accommodation from  a homestay, b&b up to 4* hotels. 

The autumn is coming  and winter will be here eventually. Visitvik.is has recently published an autumn/winter related video portraying the natural beauty of the area.   Click here to view