This is the a-ö of Iceland

The Iceland Tourism board  has  just launched a new video campaign under the Inspired by Iceland brand.  

The video  is a bit  funny and  also  informative. Tourists get important guidlines, especially tailored for  first time visitors.  “Do not walk on the vulnerable moss,  everyone must wash thoroughly, without swimsuit, before dipping in and very importantly, drive carefully on gravel roads”.   The gibberish looking Icelandic makes some sense in the crash course where you can  learn a few difficult Icelandic words.    

One of Iceland's most popular comedians Steindi Jr.  created the tune and sings The Hardest Karaoki Song in the World in the video.

Be brave, learn how to say sundlaug, harðfiskur, bílaleigubíll, hringvegur and more, sing the song and post on the social media.

For the curious tourist, a course about the five regions of Iceland a-ö   is now open on the Inspired by Iceland site.


Icelandic Tourist board has launched many campaigns over the last years. The Inspired by Iceland campaign  was launched during the Eyjafjallajökull  volcano eruption in 2010. 

Ask Gudmundur – the human search engine in 2016, being updated just now.  The new campaign This is the a-ö of Iceland, which has just been launched, portrays all the regions of Iceland.  Link to the South part, where Arcanum Glacier Tours is located here and learn about the wonders of south-Iceland.

In the last decade tourism in Iceland has increased dramatically.  Some areas don’t have the infrastructure to handle the numbers which seem to be rather increasing than the opposite.  The Icelandic Tourist Board is now implementing a priority task,  DMP – Destination Management Plan,   in co-operation with the Ministry of Tourism and the local councils around Iceland. 


Iceland’s nature is vulnerable and needs to be respected by all travellers.  Recently the Tourist Board and the Tourism Industry Association put together the Icelandic Pledge link


Today,  more than 32 thousand people have signed the pledge.