New Lava Exhibition Centre in South Iceland

Iceland, the volcanic island,  never ceases to surprise.  The volcanoes, the glaciers and the lava fields are a large part of the natural beauty of the country, attracting thousands of visitors every year.  The daily life of generations has been conducted by the fact that Iceland is a volcanic island.

Volcano Katla, underneath the Mýrdalsjökull ice-cap will definitely erupt, but when, nobody can predict.  The volcano is the most monitored one in Iceland. Last week,  more than 500 earthquakes were monitored all over the country.  Two of  them in the Katla caldera, just over magnitude of three.  The last earthquakes in Mýrdalsjökull are though susptected to be due to melting of glacial ice.  

The ground has also been shaking in the Reykjanes Peninsula, but events there and in the Katla area are unrelated, but in both places there will be an eruption someday,  as has happened throughout the centuries.

Recently  the new Lava Center – Exhibition and Educational Center - was opened up  to visitors.

The Lava  center is dedicated to the unique geology of Iceland. It is a  state of the art, interactive, highly technical educational center where  you can examine the various volcanos, their eruptions and glacial floods.  The exhibition portrays sites of actual volcanoes, a lava corridor, an earthquake corridor and the volcanic systems of Iceland.  At the Center you will get to know Katla Geopark and the elaborate surveying systems of earthquake zones and volcanoes which created Iceland mllion of years ago. A further exhibition of films and graphics from volcano eruption which have occurred in Iceland in the last century.

Location:   Hvolsvöllur, South Iceland, ca. 100 km  from Reykjavík.  GPS: 63.754635, - 20.2372402

Lava Centre