Hveragerði Flowering Days

Many towns and villages in Iceland have their own themed festivals during the summer. For example the Great Fish day at Dalvik in North Iceland, where some of the locals cook large portions of fish and fish dishes to give the visitors a taste. In the East fjords the emphasis is very much on music festivals, Eistnaflug and Brennslan music festivals are heavily booked in advance.

Starting on August 17th the Flowering Days festival will be held in Hveragerdi. The festival is open to both locals and visitors. The locals are very active, they show their horticultural products and also participate in different cultural events. During the festival in Hveragerdi, the guests will able to see interesting art exhibitions and listen to music every day. Hveragerdi is a very health oriented town and some of the events reflect on that by offering motion for all age groups. Hot water and steam is flowing out of the ground allover town. A visit to Hveragardurinn, the Geothermal Park is very a good idea.

The Flowering Days festival is also excellent for those who would like to start planning and decorating their own garden.

The highlight of the festival will be on Saturday 19th of August.

Location: Hveragerdi is located ca 44 km east of Reykjavík, 35-45 minute drive.