Celebrities visiting Iceland

The actresses of the Real Housewives of Orange County were here in September.

Iceland will play a big role in the next series of the show.  The housewives went to Hafnarfjordur town for food,  climbed Sólheimajökull glacier where, oupps, one of them had go.....  need we say  more. There are  no lavatories on top of Icelandic glaciers.

It will be exciting to see how this incident will be handled in the next series. The wives took a quad bike tour with Arcanum and just  loved it. 

Vicky Gunvalson, one of the actresses got  involved in some drama had to visit an ER and this was filmed there as well. Everything which happened on their Iceland trip will be included in show.  The twelfth series of this very popular show the Real Housewives of Orange County has already been aired on BRAVO tv.

Actress/ singer Rhianna Ramos from the Philippines was in Iceland for two weeks in September. She traveled all over, visited Arcanum and went on a snowmobile tour.

Rhianna is famous in her homeland and  for her TV shows.  The actress really liked the Icelandic food, had  great fish and chips and of course she took a bath  in the famous Blue Lagoon - a dream finally fulfilled. 

Many international film stars have embraced Iceland’s natural beauty.  Harrison Ford, who flyes his own aircraft,  is  frequently  seen leaving 101 hotel to go for a meal at his favorite restaurant The East-Indian Company.   Quentin Tarantino likes to take a glass of Opal, a special Icelandic liqueur, at a trendy bar in Reykjavik.  Ben Stiller who filmed  The Secret life of Walter Mitty in Iceland.  Charlize Theron took a glacier tour with Arcanum on one of her visits to Iceland. 

Some large  filming companies have shown a great interest in filming in Iceland and some of the have actually selected the country for their work.    

Batman Begins with Liam Neeson and Christian Bale was partly filmed on a glacier in south Iceland. Another film, Interstellar, was filmed partly at the same glacier and Icelandic landscape was very visible in the promotions of the film.

The scene in Noah -  before the flood - was filmed in Iceland and the beautiful sand beach Reynisfjara played a big role in the shots.  The beautiful Emma Watson and Russel Crowe play the main characters in this film. 

We have heard that Fast 8, the newest Fast & Furious film. will be filmed in the highlands of Iceland.  It will be exciting to have a look at  the beautiful cars which will be brought over and used on the set. 

The TV show, Game of the Thrones.  has been filmed in Iceland multiple  times.  The Icelandic landscape fits the story perfectly.   During the filming of Thor2 we learned that Tom Hiddleston  fell in love with Reyka vodka,  an Icelandic product. 

Tom Cruise filmed Oblivion up here and to  quote him  on his view of Iceland   “It’s absolutely stunning. It is just so vast and it just seems to go on forever.”

Many tour companies have developed special filming site tours  and added on their list of products. Grayline tour operator offer special Game of Thrones tours. 

The Film Company True North and Pegasus have been the on-site organizers for most of the foreign producers.