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Clean & Safe

ATV quads on the beach
Adventure Daytours - Clean & Safe

Pledge to our Customers


The Icelandic Tourism Board has introduced a new standard, helping tourism operators welcome their customers responsibly. The project is intended to increase tourism credibility in Iceland and let tourism operators show in a tangible way that they care about visitors and that Iceland is a safe destination for travel.

Arcanum Adventure Tours has implemented the standard and will ensure that all regulations and infection controls are followed.


  • We follow the authorities' recommendations and comply with current rules on infection prevention.
  • We place great emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention and follow the guidelines of the
  • Directorate of Health.
  • We clean all contact surfaces regularly and perform all our cleaning with utmost care.
  • We regularly inform and train our staff about increased emphasis on cleaning
  • and infection prevention.
  • We inform our customers about our emphasis on cleaning and infection prevention.
  • We place great emphasis on personal hygiene; hand washing, use of hand sanitizers,
  • masks, and gloves.
  • We pay close attention to physical distancing.
  • We use contactless solutions, if possible.
  • We encourage our customers to pay close attention to personal hygiene and infection prevention.

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