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Glacier walk

Glacier Walk - Jöklaganga is a very enjoyable activity. The feeling of walking on ice is unique and quite different from walking on the ground. Sólheimajökull, which is a glacier tongue out of Mýrdalsjökull ice cap, is exceptionally well suited for glacier hikes or glacier walks. Arcanum Glacier tours experience, in guiding people, on and around the glacier, spans almost two decades.

The guides who lead the tours are very knowledgeable of the glaciers, the area and the dormant volcano Katla, underneath. The security of the tour group is top priority and every trip starts with a security briefing while the group is geared up for the glacier walk. The surface of Sólheimajökull is amazing; with crevasses, sink holes and even an ice cave or two.

The landscape of the glacier varies, when the sun shines, ice holes and caves melt and disappear and when the weather cools down again, a new artwork of nature is revealed. The glacier is the ideal place to view geomorphology in formation and the effects of global warming on glaciers. The route of our glacier tours passes over this landscape. Our guests seem to find the glacier walks breathtaking, if we take a look at some reviews they post on Tripadvisor below. The glacier walk takes from about two hours, on the tour the guide will tell you a lot about the glacier and allow you time to take pictures. The experienced guides do take care that everyone follow the safety instructions.


"Ice Cave"

2 weeks agoReviewed by Barbara D

Booked this activity because I had never walked on a glacier before. It was really interesting, and the guide was very helpful explaining how the glacier is melting, even in the winter. Even though it was the end of ice cave season (i.e. spring), the guild found us an ice cave, which was a great experience.

"Glacier Walk"

2 weeks agoReviewed by momofthree070

Fantastic, energetic walk up and around the Sólheimajökull glacier. We learned tons about the glacier and its history, as well as the formations that occur on and in it. We had a super, professional guide who made sure everyone had time for pictures and the time to explore each part, including going inside a deep crevasse. Excellent experience!

"Remarkable even in the worst weather conditions!"

Apr 1, 2017Reviewed by Mason H

We went up Solheimajokull on a rainy Wednesday. The giudes made sure we were outfitted properly, and frequently checked in with us about our comfort, as well as each other to ensure safe passage on the Glacier. Our trail guide Tomas was hilarious, and very knowledgeable. I definitely understood that he loved what he did, and wanted to make sure we had a unique experience. I hate guided tours, but this was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!

"Best Day Out"

Mar 28, 2017Reviewed by Laurie V

My husband and I did the 2 hour ATV tour with Ziggy / Iggy! What an amazing day, the ATV's ran well, they provide tons of gear if you forget yours. Our guide was friendly, helpful and thorough in giving us all the details of the surrounding landscape and sites. It was absolutely on point for the best 2 hour activity you can find on Iceland. We really had the best time ever!

"Fun day out snowmobiling on the glacier"

Mar 31, 2017Reviewed by Justin H

We did the 'snow02' snowmobiling tour on the glacier and loved it. The staff were friendly, and provided all the equipment you could need. Once suited in full length down suits we were driven up to the glacier in a eight-wheeled monster truck that looked like it had just driven directly from Russia via the north pole. The snow mobiles were pretty easy to drive but the rough terrain made it exciting for newbies like us - A+, definitely recommend.


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