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The great waterfalls of South Iceland

South Iceland has many of the biggest attractions in Iceland. Many of the best know waterfalls in Iceland are located on the South coast. So it is easy to combine some sightseeing and some glacier tours if you are travelling along the South coast of Iceland.

The waterfall Skógafoss is a 62 meter high waterfall in Skógar about 32 west of the village Vík, the access to the waterfall is very good so it is easy to get real close and easy to find a good place for the perfect picture. It is also possible to walk to the top of the waterfall and hike along the river Skógá, if people do that they will discover many other waterfalls, so if people have time I recommend to do so.

Another waterfall nearby is Seljalandsfoss that is the same hight as Skógafoss but very different in many ways. The many different is that you can walk behind Seljandsfoss, by doing that you get a whole new perspective of the waterfall. The best time to be there in summer is in the afternoon because late summer you will have the evening sun shining there making the surrounding of the waterfall more beautiful. The Seljlandsfoss is illuminated in winter so even when it is dark you are able to enjoy the waterfall and if you are there late in the evening in winter you might also have a change of the Northern lights there.

Next to the Seljalandfoss is another waterfall called Gljúfrabúi, small waterfall about 30 m high but very beautiful, falling off the cliff surrounded by green moss. The Gljúfrabúi is hidden behind a big rock so you need to walk through a small chrack in the rock to see it. Very beautiful place that many people that visit Seljalandfoss waterfall do no know about. The Gljúfrabúi is located behind the campsite next to Seljalandfoss waterfall.

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