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A bit about glaciers

Glaciers and icecaps cover a little more than ten percent of Iceland. They have quite an impact on the weather and the landscape. Many of the glaciers lie above active volcanoes such as Vatnajökull, the most extensive glacier which covers Bárðarbunga stratovolcano and Grímsvötn caldera. There has been a recent sub-glacial activity, resulting in a sudden glacier flood with meltwater rushing down the rivers and black lava sands in the south-east.

Mýrdalsjökull and Langjökull glaciers are frequented places for tourists experiencing different kinds of adventure.

The climate change is effecting the glaciers in Iceland and one of them named OK (pronounced Awk) - located in West-Iceland - has lost the battle and it’s glacier title.

Glaciers are a great contributor to the economy in Iceland. Record number of tourists are visiting every year, many of them to see glaciers on snowmobiles and on glacier walking or glacier hiking tours.

Arcanum Glacier Tours is one of the most respected glacier tour outfitters and operate their snowmobiles from Sólheimajökull glacier a the frozen tongue at the foot of Mýrdalsjökull.

We provide our guests with all the necessary equipments, warm overalls, helmets, shoes and gloves. A glacier or snowmobiling tour is a great experience and the landscape offers an excellent photo opportunity too. The snowmobiles are easy to operate and can be enjoyed by people in generally good health. Safety is our keyword and our staff is fully qualified for this operation. A valid drivers licence is required for the snowmobile tour.

Please see the tours section for details. See you soon !

The Arcanum Team.

P.s. Jökull is the Icelandic word for glacier.


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