Spring is in the air

First day of summer according to the almanac will be April 21st.    
In Iceland this doesn’t necessary mean that the sun will start shining and  the temperature ride to a steady two digit number,  but rather the contrary.  The weather in Iceland is  very unpredictable and the springs may be either warm or cold or rainy or all three.     However as the sun rises higher on the horizon the more merrier the locals become. 
The first sign of spring is of course longer days and they continue to get  longer and longer until June 21.  The migrant birds have started arrivng.  If we go back a decade or so the coming of spring ment the coming of the tourists. 
Hotels, hostels, cafés, restaurants opened up after the winter closing.  Winter tourism was hardly detectable  except in the capital area.  Today things are  totally changed.  Tourists are visiting every month of the year which means  a great deal for the countryside and rural areas.  With increased numbers of visitors the companies can keep their business’ open all year and thereby  strengthening the infrastructure of their respective areas.  
South Iceland is the perfect place to visit  the year around.  You will be able to find hotels, hostels, b&b’s, farmhouse and private accommodation and so on,  various restaurants, some serving dishes cooked with local ingredients,  activities such as hiking, walking, snowmobiling, riding, swimming, biking,  the list is endless.  
One of the more popular activities is going on a glacier tour.   We at Arcanum Glacier Tours have  been offering snowmobile tours for the last 20 years.   The south is certainly spectacular from "below” but nothing beats experiencing it from "above”, snowmobiling on top of Mýrdalsjökull glacier - an icecap covering one of Iceland’s largest  volcano, Katla,  is an absolute thrill. If you are looking for a scenic, fun ride, exploring and experiencing the wilderness, glacier and the breathtaking views over South Iceland, the snowmobile tour is perfect for you. 
The tour is not too long, everybody can join as long as they have a valid drivers licence.. The glacier adventure may  provide stunning photo opportunities in good weather. We provide you with everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride – bring only yourself. Our guides will take you through safety procedures and equip you in special clothing and helmets. The snowmobiles will not be a problem – it is just a matter of squeezing the accelerator or the brake.
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