Conveniently situated at the foot of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, the tour company Arcanum is one of Iceland’s best known and respected glacier tours outfitters, providing safe and responsible tours for more than 20 years from the same location. "At Arcanum, we aim to reveal the secrets of Iceland’s astonishing natural phenomenon to the curious traveler,”.
The glacier adventure will provide stunning photo opportunities to remind you of probably your best day in the wild and pure Iceland. Tours require no special skills and can be enjoyed by people of all levels in good health. For the snowmobile tour, you need a valid driving license.
Arcanum Glacier tours
Ytri-Sólheimar 1
871 Vík
Tel: +354 487 1500
ID number: 6802032370
VAT number: 112610
Our staff

Arcanum has over the years had good staff who always do their best to take good care of our customers, people with extensive knowledge in the field. We have a wide range of employees with different backgrounds and knowledge.

We focus on training our staff so they are ready to deal with spectacular and dynamic Icelandic nature and guide our customers across the glaciers Sólheimajökull and Mýrdalsjökull, so they get the chance to experience nature in a safe way, as well as enjoying it as much as possible.

 Lukasz Bialas Baldur Rafn Róbertsson   Murt Dineen
 Glacier Guide  Glacier Guide  Glacier Guide
 Vignir Þór Sigurjónsson  Sölvi Snær Guðmundsson Sigrún Benediktsdóttir
 Glacier Guide  Glacier Guide & Glacier Walk Manager  Sales Manager & Reception
 Ástvaldur Helgi Gylfason Bjarki Ragnarsson  Tamás Szádóczki 
 Glacier Guide & Snowmobile Manager  Glacier Guide Glacier Guide 
David Abreu Kristín Erla Benediktsdóttir Renáta Lacková
Glacier Guide Booking & Reception Manager Glacier Guide & Reception
Gunnar Sókrates Einarsson Kärt Jürisson Josh Persello
Repair and Maintenance Manager Glacer Guide Glacier Guide
Andrína Guðrún Erlingsdóttir Konrad